„I wanted to put a map into my house and put pins into all the locations I’ve travelled to.

But first I will need to travel to the top two corners of the map – so it won’t fall down.“

– Leela


I found this, while surfing the internet:

Beautiful pictures are developed from negatives in a dark room.

So, if you see darkness in your life,

be sure that a beautiful picture is beeing prepared for you.

– Leela

True Words!

You can work hard to make it better – but it NEVER will be the same.

– Leela

My Mom gave me this mirror the other day which she bought for 2 € at a shop. I think it’s a beautiful mirror for a makeup table or something like that. But the Mirror looked a bit naked to me. So what I did here is very easy.

I glued some jewelry stones on it to make it a bit more colorful.

Actually you can glue everything on a mirror to beautify it. For example shells from your last holiday, or you can add glitter on your Mirror, feathers, …. just be crative.

This is a low-priced way to give your stuff a personal note.

Hope you like it.

– Leela

The Blind Side

The Blind Side

Sandra Bullock

Tim McGraw

Quinton Aron

It’s a true story based on the a bestseller by Michael Lewis.

It’s a really emotional story about a young homless

African-American „Big Mike“ from a broken home who is taken in by a white family.

In my opinion this is a really good movie because it deals with a still current topic.




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